About Epic Food Co.

Meet our chef, our boss and our friend, James Bain, with our EPIC team.

James Bain fish old“I have spent my whole life in the ultimate environment…I’ve been lost at sea, ridden huge surf, caught monster fish, and been chased by sharks. I bait my own hook, clean my catch, and all of this influences how I cook it for dinner. Surf Salt combines my passions for surfing and cooking to create a healthy, easy to use seasoning” (James Bain chef/waterman).


James opened EPIC on March 12th, 2012, in The Forum across from Mayfair in Wilmington, NC. As a husband and father of three boys, the goal of flavorful and fit-food that’s served fast is on the forefront. He is constantly creating new meals to delight the palette. His passion for food and healthy eating is what makes this place so great!

Epic Food Co. grew from the idea of serving the Energetic People In Community. What does that mean? With people always on the go these days, James has made it our goal at Epic to give people food that provides the energy for everyone to keep on going. After all, ‘Lovin’ Epic flavor and livin’ an Epic life at the beach is what it’s all about.

We source fresh produce that is locally grown and organic (non-GMO) certified when it’s in season and available, so there’s no reason to go anywhere else for the best bite in town. Our produce is farm-to-table fresh and never frozen! We strive to please everyone in our community and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to stay healthy and full of energy.


Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan friendly, paleo friendly…you name it, we’ve got it!

Our menu is built to make things simple and healthy. The first link contains everybody’s local favorites, including salads, bowls, wraps, and sandwiches. We also offer a kids menu! The second link displays the Chicken & Greens Menu. Our organic rotisserie chicken, local potatoes, and fresh greens make a great meal for families. C&G is also available for single portions and a la carte options.

Join us for table service dinner after five o’clock, where we provide a complimentary chickpea appetizer and offer seasonal seafood and chicken specials.

Check out our wine and beer list selected specially to compliment the dinner menu!

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