Lunch & Dinner

Our cafe menu has evolved over the years, with old favorites and new ones, but the trademark “build-your-own” option is still available.

After 5 pm, our staff offer table service and starts your dinner with a complimentary bowl of fried chickpeas. Perfect with a glass of wine or local craft beer. The chef adds a nightly special of local seafood or organic roast chicken.

Here are our menus:


All-natural, no sugar added, totally flavorful!

Reward yourself after your morning run or pilates class with one of our popular smoothies!

Here is our menu:

Teas and Coffee

Organic Coffee

Epic uses the best coffee and teas on the market. Counter Culture of Durham provides us with their locally roasted, certified organic coffee. They even professionally train our baristas to serve up a great cup of coffee. And, for the tea lovers, we have a large selection of Townshend’s brand teas.

Here are our menus: