Epic uses the best coffee and teas on the market. Counter Culture of Durham provides us with their locally roasted, certified organic coffee. They even professionally train our baristas to serve up a great cup of coffee. And, for the tea lovers, we have a large selection of Townshend’s brand teas.

Here are our menus:

Townshend’s Tea List

   Also featuring Counter Culture Coffee locally sourced from Durham, NC

  • We offer house brews, cold-brews and pour over coffees
  • Our smoothies consist of all-natural, organic and locally sourced produce. We do not add any sugars or additives to them! We also provide to option to customize your own smoothie, or add extra items or protein as well. Come on in and check them out!
  • Our coffee is locally roasted (Durham, NC) and certified organic. We brew our coffee fresh daily and have many dairy-free alternatives. We offer home-made syrups as a great addition to any coffee! Decaf is available upon request.
  • Our baristas are professionally trained through the Counter Culture Coffee Class Program offered in Durham, NC.
breakfast epic 1
Smoothie and a GF egg sandwich with avocado and tomato

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