Epic Bread, Crackers & Chips


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Traditional and gluten free options. These are the breads we use at Epic. High quality and delicious. Also don’t forget the deliciously seasoned Cape Fear Waterman Oyster Crackers and Corn Tortilla Chips! Options-

-Gluten Free Bun- by the piece

-Sweet Potato Bun- by the piece

-Traditional Baguette – 21 inch long, take and bake

-Cape Fear Waterman Oyster Crackers- seasoned with dill and Cape Fear Surf Salt. 14 ounces

-Sugar Island Cheddar Pigs – an epic treat from the wonderful bakery in Surf City, NC. Bacon crumbles flavor a rich and delicious cheddar cracker

-Health and Happiness Tortilla Chips – GF, cooked in rice bran oil. 14 ounces


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