Organic Chicken Quarter Peru Red Spiced and Mixed Veggie Sauté


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Organic chicken slow-roasted with a flavorful red chile spice rub. Add a high-intensity carb if you are working out. 

Breast Quarter Meal-No additional carbs

Macros: Calories 300/Pro 30/ Sat Fat  3.3/Carbs 12 

Leg Quarter Meal- No additional carbs

Macros: Calories 412/Pro 38.2 /Sat Fat 6.9 /Carbs 11  

Ingredients: Organic Chicken, Kale, Carrots, Cauliflower, Olive Oil, Chipotle Peppers, Paprika, Lemon Juice, Chile Flakes, Pepper, Salt

Add a Baked Sweet Potato

Calories 103/Protein 2.3/ Saturated Fat 0/ Carbs 24

Add Sticky Brown Rice

Calories 150/Protein 3/ Saturated Fat .5/ Carbs 35


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