Townshend Teas



TEA LATTES are a delicious blend of honey, raw sugar, milk of your choice and a concentrated freshly brewed Loose Leaf Tea. Any Loose Leaf Tea can be made iced or hot. Tea Lattes take a bit of time but are worth the wait. Make sure your cruising at a laid back pace for these treats. Takes approx. 6 minutes.

SOARING CRANE– Organic Green Tea. Smooth and Nutty 

MATCHA– Bright, Sweet-Vegetal Green Tea with High Concentrations of Vitamins and Caffeine 

CRÈME DE LA EARL GREY– Medium Earl Grey with Blue Mallow Blossoms 

STICKY RICE PU-EHRFermented “Birds Nests” Flavored with a Chinese Flower with a Taste Similar to Sticky Rice

COCONUT OOLONG– Bao Zhong Blended with Toasted Coconut Shavings

MASALA CHAI– A Little Spicy, a Little Sweet with Ginger Cardamom, and Cinnamon 

BOND STREET CHAI– Smooth Coco-like Flavor with a Hint of Spiciness 

YERBA MATEFresh and Grassy Version of the Traditional Argentinian Drink 

VANILLA ROOIBOSAfrican Rooibos Mixed with Generous Amounts of Vanilla Bean 

SWEET CHAMOMILE MINT– Calming Chamomile and Peppermint 

KAVARelieves Stress, Anxiety, Tension, and Sleeplessness. Not Recommended for Nursing or Pregnant Women. Taste like bitter dirt. 

LOVE- A mild Aphrodisiac, flowery, sweet flavor. Cocoa and clove 

ATHLETES TONICSpeeds Metabolism, Increases Endurance, and Vitality, Strengthens Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments, Quickens Healing, Calms and Sharpens the Mind, and Builds the Blood

MATEJUANA- Organic and relaxing blend of Kava and Mate

STRAWBERRY SENCHARich Sencha Green Tea Flavored with Bits of Strawberry. Soothing Light Flavor Makes a Wonderful Iced Tea